GM, Ford loosen grips on select rentals

Due to the current situation with part availability, GM Warranty Operations is temporarily extending dealer self-empowerment on rentals until further notice. Effective immediately job cards dated on/after Monday, October 7th, Service Management may self-authorize up to 7 days of rental. All provided rentals submitted for reimbursement must follow all eligibility requirements and policies outline in the Courtesy Transportation Program. Please refer to Bulletin 07-00-89-037 for complete details.

From today until the end of the year, Ford is waiving the 4-hour labor time requirement for In-Warranty Loaners for the 2020 Explorer only. Dealers can claim P99 rental on these vehicles as long as the repair falls within 3/36 Bumper to Bumper or 5/60 Powertrain coverage. Please refer to EFC07841 for complete details.

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