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Forum: WPI Updates

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   GM, Ford loosen grips on select rentals None T.Panetti 10-11-2019 7:42AM
   Ford Rejecting For Shop Competency None P.Pauletto 08-29-2019 10:20AM
   Chrysler makes changes to SmartWarranty None T.Panetti 06-19-2019 8:34AM
   Ford Class Action Settlement Program 19K01 None T.Panetti 01-21-2019 8:10AM
   Kia Year End Claim Submission Reminder Deadline None T.Panetti 12-31-2018 9:47AM
   Ford long-term rental Deadline extended to December 24, 2018 None T.Panetti 12-17-2018 3:38PM
   Ford DDNP no longer valid None T.Panetti 11-23-2018 2:00PM
   D-18-18 Rev. A STAR Center Radio Pre-Authorization Program – Select Radios (New and Exchange) – 2019 Model Year Vehicles None T.Panetti 10-18-2018 1:02PM
   18S02 Canvassing Allowance None T.Panetti 09-14-2018 4:20PM
   Audi TDI Announcement: Upcoming Close of 2.0L Settlement Program None T.Panetti 08-03-2018 10:16AM
   Nissan Time Clocking Requirement Reminder None T.Panetti 07-16-2018 2:45PM
   GM Diagnostic allowances Increase None T.Panetti 07-03-2018 2:33PM
   ESP Rental Policy Update None T.Panetti 06-19-2018 11:17AM
   Chrysler Recall Floor Plan Reimbursement None T.Panetti 06-19-2018 11:10AM
   Ford Goodwill and TAP None m.luberts 01-05-2015 8:33AM
   Ford: New SPW Rules None b.taylor 09-24-2013 8:35AM
   Audi GFF crack down None b.taylor 01-10-2013 1:57PM
   Goodwill warranty administration changes None b.taylor 04-20-2012 4:48PM
   2014 Claim deadline for KIA None nath99 01-17-2012 10:26AM
   Ford: GR1-190 Battery Tester None b.taylor 02-25-2011 9:56AM
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