GM, Ford loosen grips on select rentals

Due to the current situation with part availability, GM Warranty Operations is temporarily extending dealer self-empowerment on rentals until further notice. Effective immediately job cards dated on/after Monday, October 7th, Service Management may self-authorize up to 7 days of rental. All provided rentals submitted for reimbursement must follow all eligibility requirements and policies outline in the Courtesy Transportation Program. Please refer to Bulletin 07-00-89-037 for complete details.

From today until the end of the year, Ford is waiving the 4-hour labor time requirement for In-Warranty Loaners for the 2020 Explorer only. Dealers can claim P99 rental on these vehicles as long as the repair falls within 3/36 Bumper to Bumper or 5/60 Powertrain coverage. Please refer to EFC07841 for complete details.

Ford Rejecting For Shop Competency

Ford is in the process of discontinuing the rest the year-long edit deferrals that were granted to dealerships who had not met the minimum Shop Competency Training Targets. This means that Ford will be rejecting claims for techs that are not certified for repairs claimed with their associated STARS ID, if you have not met the Training Targets before the edit deferral terms are up. This is already happening to some dealerships in the Midwest Region.

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