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Nissan Battery Pre-Approval Update

This bulletin updates the VCAT preapproval requirement for 12-volt battery replacements.


  • VCAT preapproval is no longer required for all models.
  • It's only needed for 2022-2024 Rogue, 2023-2024 Pathfinder, and 2023-2024 Ariya.

For Customer Repairs:

  • If a listed vehicle has a hard/no start issue, follow the steps:
    • Test with DSS-5000 or CPX-900.
    • If directed, charge the battery manually with DCA-8000 for 30 minutes.
    • Retest with DSS-5000 or CPX-900.
  • Missing VCAT preapproval will suspend the claim but not affect your first-time pay rate score.

For Dealer Inventory:

  • If a vehicle has a battery issue, charge it manually with DCA-8000 for 30 minutes.
  • Test with DSS-5000 or CPX-900 in Check In mode.
  • If the result is "Check with DCA-8000" or the battery fails to charge, create a VCAT case with test data.

Important Reminders:

  • Dealers must test and charge batteries at PDI and monthly while in inventory.
  • Nissan will monitor claims for proper process adherence and may reinstate VCAT preapproval for all models if abuse is detected.

Best Practices:

  • Charge batteries with DCA-8000 outside the vehicle due to off-gasing risks.
  • Connect handheld testers directly to battery posts for accurate testing.
  • Cradle testers nightly and plug-in DCA-8000.
  • Verify shop Wi-Fi connectivity and functionality without landing/splash pages.

See Bulletin WBI/24-003 for more information.

02-29-2024 10:39AM

Ford Transport Claims Update:

1. Pictures Required for OWS Submissions:

  • While the policy manual says pictures are not mandatory, recent returned claims highlight the importance of taking pictures at the time of submission. This helps ensure smooth payment processing.

2. DeGould Vehicle Inspection App:

  • Sign up for this app to avoid chargebacks! It helps gather information for Transport Claims and prevents future issues.

3. Let us help:

  • Providing WPI with your user information for the DeGould app allows them to assist you better with Transport Claims and further reduces chargebacks.

In short:

Take pictures for OWS submissions and use the DeGould app to avoid chargebacks on Transport Claims. Share your user information with WPI for better support.

02-27-2024 07:46AM

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